Little Boris Goes to a Restaurant

14 08 2015

Little Boris Goes to a RestaurantLittle Boris Goes to a Restaurant2


Little Boris Integrates Himself Into The Restaurant World

18 10 2011

Thanks to @ArmadilloFood on Twitter for reminding me to make the restaurants better.

Little Boris Claims His Wages Are Chicken Feed

27 09 2011

Looking For The Colonel?

24 08 2011

Little Boris Goes to a Cocktail Bar

19 08 2011

If you want to read more about what Ken thinks of Boris, read here

Thank you very much to @LucyTweeting on twitter for her suggestion that Little Boris should go to a cocktail bar today. 

Thank you once again for tuning in this week. Hope you hve a fabulous weekend and please check back again on Monday for some more great adventures with Little Boris.

Little Boris goes Shopping

1 06 2011

Little Boris uses Chopsticks

18 05 2011

chopsticks Panel 1 and 2Chopsticks Panel 3 and 4Chopsticks Panel 4 and 5

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