Little Boris’ Book Review 5

21 08 2015

8c292cb1a5299d6065d4c20edf7bf856How Green Were the Nazi’s?


Franz-Josef Bruggemeier (Editor), Mark Cioc (Editor)

The Review:

Darm….I mean…..I know they murdered over six million people……..I know that they are synonymous with some of the greatest evils humanity has ever perpetrated…….but let’s get to brass tacks here ladies and gentlemen…..just how green were the Nazi’s? Here’s your chance to find out.


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Little Boris’ Book Review 4

14 08 2015


Penetrating Wagner’s Ring


John L.Di Gaetani

John L.Di Gaetani is a master of peering just around the rim of a subject before pounding his way straight to the depths of the matter. With one full thrust of his boundless energy he can almost bring an instant tear to the eye…. making you feel truly vulnerable to his passions…..And indeed Wagner is his passion……fortifying his probing insights Di Gaetani, much like the tirading German Buckwurst that Wagner’s musical genius actually was, ploughs his way into this huge passage of history, almost as if to the breath-taking rhythm of ‘The Ride of the Valkyries’.

An emotional experience.

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Little Boris’ Book Review 3

7 08 2015


The Review:        Still Striping After 25 Years


Eleanor Burns.

Bedoombubble……Darn it, I do like darning and upholstering in my own spare time….this little chappie of a book has it all…some great full colour spreads of the author stripping vigorously and having lots of fun whilst doing it…..Which isn’t a surprise as I have lots of fun watching it. A great body of work.

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Little Boris’ Book Review 2

31 07 2015


The Pocket Book of Boners

illustrated by

Dr Seuss


One of my favrite little bedtime readings. Came hard on the back of my other Joke books, Prize Boners, More Boners d’and Still More Boners…..Bit of a toss between each one …….But this is blue, so prefer it….Darm…….’Tis chock full with lots of hard japes and stiff one-liners. Can easily penetrate right into the depths of your pocket, so no-one can find it (knock on wood).

Darm…..All in all……Very exciting stuff.


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Little Boris’ Book Review 1

24 07 2015

Anybody can be cool

Anybody can be cool….But Awesome takes practice


Lorraine Peterson


All D’I have in terms of being the person I am today, I owe to this rather fetching Self Help Book.

D’I first picked it up when I was ten years of age and D’i didn’t put it down till D’I’d got through at least two pages. Very good piece of literature. Lent it to Cameron at one point. Didn’t get it back. D’I assume he never read it D’as he’s not awesome.

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