Little Boris Hunting

29 07 2015

Little Boris hunting


Little Boris Plays Chess

14 03 2012

Little Boris is Back

5 03 2012

Due to some technical difficulties we have been unable to bring you Little Boris over the last few weeks. Now we are happy to say that he is back as idiotic as ever and he’s is here to stay. Thank you for your patience.

Little Boris At Home

23 01 2012

Little Boris Goes On A Diving Board

9 01 2012

Little Boris Meets Some Racists.

6 01 2012

If you want to find out more about what Big Boris says on this matter please click here,


Thank you for tuning in this week. If anyone has any suggestions for what Little Boris should do next week please send them in.

Bye for now.






Little Boris Tries To Enter the Olympics

4 01 2012

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