Little Boris Goes to a Restaurant

14 08 2015

Little Boris Goes to a RestaurantLittle Boris Goes to a Restaurant2


Little Boris’ Book Review 3

7 08 2015


The Review:        Still Striping After 25 Years


Eleanor Burns.

Bedoombubble……Darn it, I do like darning and upholstering in my own spare time….this little chappie of a book has it all…some great full colour spreads of the author stripping vigorously and having lots of fun whilst doing it…..Which isn’t a surprise as I have lots of fun watching it. A great body of work.

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Little B

Hunting With Trump

6 08 2015

Hunting with Trump Hunting with Trump-2

Darb….read more at……

Little Boris on Strike

6 08 2015

Little Boris on Strike

Little Boris Lumberjack

31 07 2015

Little Boris Lumberjack

Little Boris Hunting

29 07 2015

Little Boris hunting

Little Boris Has a Water Fight

17 07 2015

Water Fight 1Water Fight 2Water Fight 3Water Fight 4Water Fight 5Water Fight 6

You can have a Water Cannon just like Little boris.

Visit for more details.

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