Little Boris – The Parliament Years

17 07 2015

Join Little Boris and friends each weeks for his new Blog.

Little Boris – The Parliament Years.

osbo my bro


Little Boris Has a Water Fight

17 07 2015

Water Fight 1Water Fight 2Water Fight 3Water Fight 4Water Fight 5Water Fight 6

You can have a Water Cannon just like Little boris.

Visit for more details.

Little Boris and a Question of Taxes.

6 04 2012

Boris and Ken Tax

Read all about it here: clickety-click

And watch Big Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone have a scrap here on LBC: clickety-click

Head Banging in the Commons Bar

7 03 2012

Boris and Cameron Spit Roast Prescott

6 03 2012

It Happened On A Full Moon

18 01 2012

23 12 2011

…………………………11,000 rioters rioting. 

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