Little Boris On Holiday

3 01 2012


21 12 2011

………………9 Cyclists Cycling.

17 12 2011

……………Five More Pounds On Fares……..

Little Boris Enters A Maths Competition

7 10 2011

Little Boris On the Thames

30 09 2011

Why the Fares Keep Going Up

15 09 2011


Help Little Boris With His Campaign For London Mayor

9 09 2011

If you would like to help Little Boris (and he definately needs help)  to get elected for London Mayor next year you can start by printing and wearing this lovely campaign rosette. Once you have either printed out the black and white OR the colour version underneath, then simply cut around the dotted line for a wonderful looking rosette which you can wear in public with pride in any number of social circumstances. You can even colour in the first one with your own choice of colours. Please help the campaign. Please help Little Boris.

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