Little Boris Goes to a Restaurant

14 08 2015

Little Boris Goes to a RestaurantLittle Boris Goes to a Restaurant2

Little Boris’ Book Review 3

7 08 2015


The Review:        Still Striping After 25 Years


Eleanor Burns.

Bedoombubble……Darn it, I do like darning and upholstering in my own spare time….this little chappie of a book has it all…some great full colour spreads of the author stripping vigorously and having lots of fun whilst doing it…..Which isn’t a surprise as I have lots of fun watching it. A great body of work.

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Hunting With Trump

6 08 2015

Hunting with Trump Hunting with Trump-2

Darb….read more at……

Little Boris on Strike

6 08 2015

Little Boris on Strike

Wildlife Watching – The Rare Boris Bird

6 08 2015

Burying head in sand

….Arm…For those who like reading this is a bit of a goody……..

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Little Boris Lumberjack

31 07 2015

Little Boris Lumberjack

Little Boris’ Book Review 2

31 07 2015


The Pocket Book of Boners

illustrated by

Dr Seuss


One of my favrite little bedtime readings. Came hard on the back of my other Joke books, Prize Boners, More Boners d’and Still More Boners…..Bit of a toss between each one …….But this is blue, so prefer it….Darm…….’Tis chock full with lots of hard japes and stiff one-liners. Can easily penetrate right into the depths of your pocket, so no-one can find it (knock on wood).

Darm…..All in all……Very exciting stuff.


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